Special message to Implojin, a DCSS developer who apparently has a bone to pick with me even though I've never talked to him before.

As you can see from this post, Implojin is a strange little creature with delusions of grandeur. "FAFO" means "fuck around and find out" - apparently he believes that he is a big man because his narcissistic friends had me banned from a subreddit and a Discord server.

Brother, if I felt like it, I could participate on either through an alt. For all you know, I already am doing that. And before you cry about that breaking the ToS of either platform, bear in mind that Neil Moore, a DCSS developer, outright suggested that I do it. If I took him up on this offer, there is literally nothing you could do to stop me. Learn to live with it. You have no power over me, as much as you'd like to pretend that you do.

In any event, I'm still making DCSS videos. At the time of this writing, I'm still the world record streak win holder (and once again: there's literally nothing you can do about that - even if you go to creepy, nefarious lengths to try to mess with my account, it doesn't magically stop me from being the world record holder.) I get the impression that this upsets you very much, which is weird considering that this is just a video game.

Implojin ends his bizarre rant by misspelling my name and quoting some random shitposter on 4chan, not seeming to understand that anybody with a keyboard can write whatever they want on 4chan. One wonders if he wrote it himself.


If you ever needed more proof that the mouthier mainline DCSS devs cannot be trusted at their word - that their pretensions of authority are a bad joke - here is a wonderful example:

I guess it's now "transphobic" to say "one man's trash is another man's treasure." This is so absurd that even one of the usual dev bootlickers (UsaSatsui) called Implojin out for it. This is the class of person you're dealing with when they make up stories about me - someone who is suffering from constant spaz attacks and jumping at shadows. Put simply, you just can't take these people seriously.